Final Fantasy MLP

Final Fantasy MLP is the title of the story this wiki is based off of. It was written by SuperKamek, and published on FIMfiction.

Story Edit

Long, long ago far before the land of Equestria even came into being, there existed a great well of darkness flooding out into the world endlessly. Inhabitants of the nameless land fled for their lives, but in the end, the darkness overpowered, enslaved, and even killed them for the sole purpose of destruction.

However, just as the world was giving up all hope, six great heroes came and opposed the darkness. For many days and many nights, the heroes fought the darkness and drove it away for people to once again find peace. Unfortunately, the heroes aged as any mortal would, and eventually succumbed to old age. With their last breath, they sent their souls across the land and crystallized them, becoming the six crystals of Equestria: earth, fire, water, wind, light and darkness. The power radiating from the crystals was so bright, it banished the darkness from the world forever.

From them spawned six guardians that have protected the crystals for centuries, even millennia. These giant creatures were given lives of their own to live as well, arguing with, smiling with, and most importantly befriending the local beings of their region. They are a symbol of the peace and harmony that has flowed through the world for over 10,000 years.

Unfortunately, this is but one of the many stories of how the crystals were created. Not even the guardians know, as they were created after the crystals were formed. Multitudes of tales and theories have emerged, but whether or not they're real is a question asked by many for a very, very long time. Not even the most brilliant minds in the world could decipher what the real cause was. It was lost by time.

No one really complained, however. The people were just happy that they were in a constant state of peace and tranquility, free from the hold of darkness.

Plot Edit

The story begins with Twilight Sparkle, a young librarian in Ponyville who lives a simple, peaceful life with her pet baby Bahamut, Spike.